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A little slow, but they’re finally on the bandwagon. The obvious is that it seems Brocade agrees with Juniper, Cisco, et al., re single L2 core data center fabric for transport that can scale big. I can’t believe that they’ll just settle for vanilla MPLS for interconnecting TRILL blocks at distance (or maybe not at distance). Something else is bound to come out on that front.

Given that, here’s the more interesting:

Brocade VCS also enhances server virtualization with technologies that enable enhanced VM visibility within the network and the seamless migration of policies with a VM. VCS achieves this through its distributed services architecture that makes the fabric aware of all of its connected devices and its ability to share information across those devices. Automatic Migration of Port Profiles (AMPP), a VCS feature, enables a VM’s network profiles – such as security or Quality of Service (QoS) levels – to follow that VM during migrations without manual intervention. This unprecedented level of VM visibility and automated profile management helps intelligently remove the physical barriers to VM mobility that exists in current technologies and network architectures.
That reminded me of this:
It is to tackle these three basic issues of (a) Per-VM policy enforcement and (b) monitoring, tracking and policy migration for VM live migration, and (c) VM-to-VM traffic switching, that a small set of companies started the Edge Virtual Bridging (EVB) ad-hoc group early last year. Today, that group has grown to include 200+ members from a diverse set of companies from the silicon, server, storage, networking, virtualization and data center software industries.

The diligent work that this group has produced has led to two distinct approved proposals in the IEEE this past November: 802.1Qbg and 802.1Qbh.

In broad terms, these proposals discuss:
- a mechanism to discover VMs on the network and enforce policies as VMs appear or migrate across the network
- EVB Discovery
- VSI (Virtual Station Interface) Discovery
- AMPP: Automated Migration of Port Profiles…
Here’s the 802.1Qbg - Edge Virtual Bridging group. Note the authors list in the most recent presentation.

And that one reminded me of a presentation from DC CAVES: Automated Ethernet Virtual Bridging [pdf].

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