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“ Pay for what you don’t use. A downside of the provisioned throughput model is you pay for the throughput you have reserved, not the traffic you have actually generated. From Amazon’s perspective they are reserving the capacity so in a sense you are using the capacity, but this is the same capacity planning issue that made the elastic nature of the cloud so attractive to begin with. How do you specify the correct throughput? If you underspecify you lose customers. If you over specify you lose money. And if your traffic is at all bursty you technically would have to reserve the peak usage, which is fiscal insanity. You can adjust your throughput reservation, but you can’t do it fast enough to meet a burst, and the drop notification mechanisms are clumsy, you get an email alert and then have to do the adjustment by hand. „

High Scalability - High Scalability - DynamoDB Talk Notes and the SSD Hot S3 Cold Pattern

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