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While Cisco might want everyone to think SDN is years away, reality says otherwise. Openflow certainly has some maturing to do, but there are SDN powered products shipping today.

Juniper’s QFabric is a great example of a fully integrated software defined network. Juniper split the data and control planes in it’s routers eons ago. Distributing that control plane and running it on x86 gear, however is the really hard part of solving both the opex and capex challenges of a datacenter network.

Everything else in the datacenter has changed, except for the network. Solving the datacenter network problem for the next decade requires new physical and software architectures. It’s fantastic to see Stacy and you covering this transition with such gusto. Customers have more choices than ever. The explosion of networking start-ups, merchant silicon, and the rise of the network programer means the network industry will likely look very different 10 years from now. Game on.


Cisco memo: We can’t build anything — Cloud Computing News

My comment on Gigaom’s article on Cisco & software defined networks

(via abnerg)

(via abnerg)

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