Mar 25

“When I joined, it was it was a culture shock,” said Frankovsky. “Being a hardware guy at such a fast-moving software company. It was like if you’ve ever jumped out of a fast-moving boat, you get the wind knocked out of you when you hit the water. That’s what it felt like to be a slow-moving hardware guy with all of these software people who were used to iterating every few weeks. That’s why we started Open Compute so we could speed up the development of hardware.” — Facebook’s Open Compute guru Frank Frankovsky leaves to build optical storage startup — Tech News and Analysis

Mar 24

(via Ageism – AVC)

(via Ageism – AVC)

App Academy is an immersive web development and job placement program in San Francisco and New York City.

You only pay us if you find a job as a developer after the program.

98% of our graduates have offers or are working in tech jobs. In SF, graduates receive an average salary of $100,000; in NY, graduates receive an average salary of $84,000.

” — App Academy Become a software developer

Mar 20

“Coffee, like almost everything else these days, is a sport. Everyone has a favorite team (or coffee making method or political affiliation or design style or TV drama or rapper or comic book), discusses techniques and relives great moments with other likeminded fans, and argues with fans of other teams. The proliferation and diversification of media over the past 35 years created thousands of new sports and billions of new teams.” — The scourge of coffee

Mar 18

The shoe master -


Hitoshi Mimura

That is a bespoke running shoe made by a small company started by Hitoshi Mimura, who is considered one of the top shoe designers in the world. Mimura had great success at Asics, outfitting Olympic gold medal runners with shoes lighter, grippier, and more breathable than those worn by…

Mar 17

“Imagine a cloud in which servers were automatically decommissioned after a week of use. In a sort of DevOps anti-SLA, any VM running for more than 168 hours would be (gracefully) terminated. This would force a constant churn of resources within the infrastructure that enables true cattle-like management. This cloud would be able to very gracefully rebalance load and handle disruptive management operations because the workloads are designed for the churn.” — Mayflies and Dinosaurs (extending Puppies and Cattle) | Rob Hirschfeld

When you show me a business plan, a wireframe, a features list… whatever you’re building, it’s not enough to talk about what’s there.

Tell us what’s not there.

Tell us what you’re choosing not to do, what you’re not supporting, who you’re not interested in working with.

If the there + the not there doesn’t add up to the universe of choices, you’ve missed something.

” — Seth’s Blog: What’s not here?

Mar 12

“There are a few principles which allowed the web, as a platform, to support such growth. By design, the Web is universal, royalty-free, open and decentralised. Thousands of people worked together to build the early Web in an amazing, non-national spirit of collaboration; tens of thousands more invented the applications and services that make it so useful to us today, and there is still room for each one of us to create new things on and through the Web. This is for everyone.” — Web at 25: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Invention of the Web

Mar 11

“Never ever hire anyone for a job who will not be better at doing the job than you would be.” — Recruiting for high growth: 3 things I learned while recruiting and hiring at Opower | Opower

“Now, we’re announcing a new feature that further boosts InfoSight’s IQ. This smarter InfoSight gives Nimble customers an even greater understanding of the inner workings of their storage systems by correlating and analyzing performance data. And, not only does it deliver detailed data on storage system performance, it even gives our customers a view into some problems coming from the surrounding environment. This new capability is available now to customers as part of their support subscription.” —

Nimble Storage Blog | InfoSight: Leveraging Deeper Data to Gain Even Greater Insights

Analytics that makes the product better and helps the vendor as much or more than it helps the customer.. offered as a bonus as part of the price of support. Smart.