Jul 16

“Working with sketches on paper is powerful because it allows you to go fast. It is probably the only medium where you can record ideas as fast as they happen. It allows you to present yourself with visual options instead of just things in your head, and then to make better informed design decisions. Often putting two options on paper, even in the most rough form, will make it obvious which one is better.” — A P R I L Z E R O

Jul 14

“The idea of it being that the qualities (or maybe the qualia) of the programming language Lisp—its simplicity and its approach to processing lists of things in the memory of a computer—are so fundamental that they are emergent. If you write a big program, you’ll reinvent Lisp. If you write a big program, it will read email. If you are a programmer, you will find yourself drawn to to-do lists. And then you will talk about these things, because they are the touchstones of our shared culture of technology, with attendant rituals. Nothing says “I reject everyone else’s way of seeing the world in favor of my own” more clearly than declaring email bankruptcy; it’s the digital equivalent of baptism into a new faith.” — Doomed to Repeat It — The Message — Medium

Jul 13

Brands As Promise-Marks -


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Yesterday I read a tweet that said something about “engaging with brands”. That statement struck me as odd. I hypothesized that a brand isn’t something you can do anything to or with; nor can it do anything to or with you. Instead, I thought, a brand…

“So, as an investor, when you see a dominant market power emerge, you should start asking yourself “what will undo that market power?” And you should start investing in that.” — Platform Monopolies – AVC

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